An intensive 13-part foundation course in the Egyptian Mystery Tradition.  ToK is a modern Mystery School, whose work is to train students in the Egyptian tradition of magical and spiritual development.  Go to the website:
or email - Subject: ToK
also for details of available Egyptian Mystery Tradition publications

A 12-part foundation course in traditional Craft methods and techniques.  The course is aimed at those wishing to understand more about the practical elements of magical practice before joining a working group, or if they wish to work alone.  Email - Subject: ARC

Coven of the Scales continues to maintain an 'open door' policy and will gladly answer questions that may arise from reading any of the books listed on the website.  We appreciate that more people learn about magic from books, which often means there is no one to help solve any problems.  Our Helpline offers the opportunity to check whether you are working safely and efficiently.

Finally the third part of the series has been released and published in a single volume by Moon Books

Craft Working
Carry on Crafting
Cold Comfort Coven

"In its own way, I think the Coarse Witchcraft Trilogy represents a small but important time capsule of Old Craft history that we have been lucky enough to preserve for the next generation of witches."
Melusine Draco

"Coarse Witchcraft made me laugh out loud in more than a few places.  In fact, I think it is the first book of its kind: although it pokes fun at modern excesses and can laugh at itself, it still manages to teach the real stuff at a very high level."
Alan Richardson

Published by Moon Books
ISBN 978-1-78279-285-7

The Hollow Tree (paperback)
Melusine Draco
An elementary guide to the Tarot and Qabbalah ex-ignotus press £6.99
Available from

Whittlewood (novel - e-book)
Suzanne Ruthven
A tale of ancient magic and morality
Amazon Kindle £6.99

The Wild Horseman (novel - e-book)
Suzanne Ruthven and Paul Harriss
A WWII story of a different kind of Wild Hunt.  If you liked War Horse you will love The Wild Horseman
Amazon Kindle £6.99

Coven of the Scales (e-book)
The Collected Writings of A R Clay-Edgerton
Amazon Kindle £6.99

Death & the Pagan
Philip Wright & Carrie West
Amazon Kindle £6.99

Coven Working
Philip Wright & Carrie West
Amazon Kindle £6.99


Essays on Traditional Witchcraft


Old-style Craft, also known as traditional witchcraft, endures as a distinct body of archaic magical practices in present-day Britain, North America and Australia. Originally nameless, such bodies are related to a variety of historical magical streams, most notably the practices of the Grimoires or ‘black books’, folk-healing, and popular magic of the early modern era. Though still obscure, even in occult circles, the variety and idiosyncrasy of Old Craft traditions is remarkable. Hands of Apostasy is a groundbreaking witchcraft anthology presenting nineteen articles written by both scholars and practitioners, including Melusine Draco.  US$58.50


Three Hands Press –




ARCANUM explores traditional British Old Craft magic, aiming specifically at solitary practitioners, and providing a safe way to gain a solid grounding in practical Craft techniques.  Most people learn about magic and witchcraft from books, and they learn alone. Their magic remains a very personal and private thing.  This has one very major drawback, however ... where do you go to ask niggling questions, or check whether you are    working safely and efficiently?

ARCANUM is a 12-part foundation course in traditional Craft methods and techniques. The course is also aimed at those wishing to understand more about the practical  elements of magical practice before they join a working group, or if they just wish to continue to work alone.  We provide a team of experienced magical practitioners in order to answer questions on any aspects of magic.  This means you can ask for help from someone whose background and antecedents have been checked by Coven of the Scales and with whose work you may already be familiar.



ARCANUM provides a broad-based introduction to basic Craft magical techniques that will prevent you from being deceived by those with lesser expertise than yourself.  It is a non-initiatory course but the successful completion of the 12-months instruction may result in the invitation to join an established group.  Any invitation will be made privately at the discretion of the tutors involved and should not be expected, or automatically taken for granted, upon completion of the course.  For more information email

ARCANUM is not affiliated, associated or connected with any other group, organisation, or on-line site using a similar name, claiming consanguinity, or attempting to identify with either the Coven of the Scales or the Esoteric Order of the Serpent in order to promote their own claims of personal, magical, political, homological, corporate or commercial fellowships.

Publishing News ...

REVIEW: The Traditional Witchcraft series

by Melusine Draco – published by Moon Books

It was Andy Lloyd Book Reviews that first put this series into its proper perspective: “The ‘Traditional Witchcraft’ series provides varied information about what it means to be a practising witch in modern times.  In places, it feels like a guide, or self-help book.  But there is much more to it than that.  What strikes me is the amount of science running through the book.  To understand nature is to live as a part of nature, and ultimately to become one with its changing patterns and cycles, to synchronise one’s own psychic or magical energy with natural tidal forces and the elements.  So a witch, like no other religious practitioner that I’m aware of, must study her environment carefully, and attune her life to it … "The learning is multi-disciplinary, and feels almost as if one was studying a textbook written by poetIn fact, the whole Traditional Witchcraft series has been structured along the lines similar to a distance learning course (in both paperback and e-book format), so that the would-be traditional witch has a step by step guide to follow. Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living (originally published as Mean Streets Witchcraft) is the first in the series and as the title suggests, is aimed at the majority of pagans who live in an urban environment rather than insisting that a witch must live in the country before he/she can learn about traditional British Old Craft.  The second step is revealed in Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore teaches us how to work with those natural tides within our own environment, even if we don’t live by the sea. Step three, Traditional Witchcraft for Fields and Hedgerows, covers what most of us would think of in terms of traditional Craft, and brings us back into the comfort zone where we feel safe and secure – before step four casts us back out into the more hostile world of Traditional Witchcraft for the Woods and Forests. As our tutor tells us, the magical energies differ quite considerably between these four environments.

It was intriguing to learn why the historical view of Traditional Witchcraft and the Pagan Revival was left until step five, but Ms Draco doesn’t look at things like normal mortals!  “It’s not until we’ve been studying traditional Craft for a while that we start to notice both the differences and the similarities between the various disciplines.  We want to know where our beliefs come from; to trace our antecedents; and to understand why some of our ways are often diametrically opposed to those of other traditions we read about.  That is why the fifth book in the series was written as a magical anthropology; simply to make sense of some of the things we’ve never recognised before.”

Not all her books, however, are favourably received.  Some reviewers claim there is nothing new contained within them, or that there are no great revelations in the text.  “Craft learning is about forty percent information and sixty percent intuition, but it’s also about realising when intuition is telling us that we don’t have all the information.  There are books claiming to reveal the ‘secrets’ of traditional Craft - but intuition should tell us that if the secrets can be revealed in the reading of one book, then the author can’t have that much to tell. The real secret is that there are no secrets, only a system of revelation that eventually leads us to a series of guides or teachers, to further our progress along the Path to the Mysteries.”

Martha Gray (

Author of Grimalkyn: The Witch’s Cat also published by Moon Books

The Traditional Witchcraft series by Mélusine Draco

First published by O-Books in 2010, as Mean Streets Witchcraft Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living has been repackaged to create a series aimed at those witches who want to learn more about the beliefs and natural approach to traditional British Old Craft. Although written as an introduction to basic Craft techniques, this book is a no-holds-barred approach to dealing with the constant barrage of psychic problems that confront the urban witch on a daily basis.  ISBN 978-1-84694-979-1 £9.99/$16.95  [Beginner level]


Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore offers a practical guide to the magic of the seashore and reveals how even inland witches can also harness the power of natural tides. The author takes us on a magical journey along the seashore and reveals how to harness the powers of the Deep, and collect flotsam and jetsam for use as ritual tools.  ISBN 978-1-84694-462-0 £9.99/$16.95 [Beginner level]


The magical energies of Traditional Witchcraft for Fields and Hedgerows (ISBN 978-1-84694-801-5 £9.99/$16.95) [Beginner level] differs quite considerably from Traditional Witchcraft for Woods and Forests (ISBN 978-1-84694-803-9 £9.99/$16.95) [Intermediate level] because whereas the woods have been part of our landscape since the beginning of time, fields and hedgerows are a relatively recent innovation. It therefore stands to reason that the witchcraft of fields and hedgerows is going to be much more of a domestic and homely variety, not moving far from hearth or cattle byre. It will lack the primitive, sometimes hostile, sensations that we encounter when walking alone in the woods.

Traditional Witchcraft and the Pagan Revival (ISBN 978-1-78279-156-0 £11.99/$19.95) takes us on a journey into the past, along the highways and byways of our pagan heritage to discover when the different aspects of magical influence entered traditional witchcraft.  It will appeal to everyone with an interest in magic, witchcraft and paganism - from grass roots to the more advanced levels of Wicca - who wish to learn more about the different traditions and their antecedents. [Intermediate level]

Traditional Witchcraft and the Path to the Mysteries is the sixth and last in the series and aimed at those who would walk the path of the Mysteries towards Initiation.  It is a true voyage of discovery and, as with every journey, it is essential that we understand where we are now and where we want to be.  ISBN: 978 1 78279 793 7 IK£9.99/US$16.95 [Advanced level]


Follow the CoS Traditional Witchcraft Series on

Every good reference book is both a product and a reflection of its time.  The Dictionary of Magic & Mystery is not just any compendium or dictionary of occultism: it is a jumping-off point for further research. Here, the reader will find the ancient and modern interpretation for magical and mystical terms, together with explanations for the differences between the varied (and often conflicting) approaches to magic.  With over 3000 entries, The Dictionary of Magic & Mystery by Melusine Draco is the ultimate guide to the weird and wonderful, magical and mysteries, and includes an A-Z of mini-features.  ISBN: 978-1-84694-462-8£12.99/$22.95 : E-book: 978-1-84694-807-7 £6.99/$9.99

Pagan Portals: By Spellbook and Candle by Melusine Draco is a book of cursing, hexing, bottling and binding, which answers questions such as Can cursing ever be justified? Is Cursing evil? and When should it be okay to curse?  But most importantly it asks Why go to the bother of cursing, when a bottling or binding can be just as effective.
ISBN: 978-1-78099-563-2 : UK£4.99/US$9.95

Black Horse, White Horse: Power Animals by Melusine Draco
ISBN: 978-1-78099-747-6 : UK£4.99/US$9.95
Aubry's Dog: Power Animals by Melusine Draco
ISBN: 978-1-78099-724-7 UK£4.99/US$9.95
and Grimalkyn: The Witch's Cat by Martha Gray
ISBN:     UK£4.99/US$9.95
These three titles are part of the Moon Books Shaman Pathways series and explore the importance of identifying and working with a personal totem or power animal.


All titles are published by Moon Books :

Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones by Melusine Draco is another produce of many year's writing and research and although the content is drawn mainly from European and British geological findings, the same lessons can be learned any area of the globe, since all the continents were originally joined together by the great equatorial landmass of Pangea.  Discover which magical crystals and sacred stones are discovered in your part of the world.  The magical and sacred uses may differ slightly between the continents and cultures, but the fundamental make-up of the rocks from which they come remains eternal.  

ISBN: 978-1-78099-137-5 : UK £11.99/US$19.95
Published by Axis Mundi :


is a series of esoteric novels by Melusine Draco based on real-life experiences and genuine magical law, and features a group of experienced magical practitioners – the ‘Nine’ – who combat occult terrorism in both demonic and human form.  The first, House of Strange Gods is published in paperback and e-book format and available via .  The second in the series, Realm of Shadow is due for publication winter 2014/5.

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