"It should be understood that although Bob [Clay-Egerton] firmly held the philosophy and opinion that all faiths were One and all Paths led to the same Goal, he did not advocate what is now referred to as 'eclectic paganism'.  What he did teach was the desire for knowledge and experience, regardless of source.  Each new experience was, however, studied within the confines of that particular religion, path or tradition.  Each new discipline was kept completely separate from each other.  It was only when the student had a thorough understanding of the tenets of each discipline were they encouraged to formulate them into their own individual system."

Coven of the Scales: the collected writings of A R Clay-Egerton, complied by Melusine Draco.
Coven of the Scales is a British-based Old Craft coven that can trace its recorded lineage back to the mid-1800s.  As with the majority of Old Craft groups, we are a closed Order, which means that any potential member must complete a prescribed course of study before being invited to join the coven.  Although we are British-based we currently have students studying with us from the USA, Australia, France and Italy.
We were recently approached by Daniel A Schulke of the Three Hands Press (USA) and invited to contribute an essay ('Spirits and Deific Forms: Faith and Belief in British Old Craft') to the forthcoming Hands of Apostasy: A Witchcraft Anthology, in which he describes our ways in the following manner:  "Though these forms of the Old Craft are known through their exterior writings, there are other such groups who are content to remain out of the public eye, practicing their Art and training their own generation of adepts.  All of these traditions share a common feature of extreme selectivity when it comes to prospective members, and the willingness to reject those proven unfit for the work.  This unpopular and confrontational stance has often led to thorny relations between groups, but it has also engendered a sanctuary-like environment where creative magical collaboration can unfold according to the design of each tradition."
Although we are a closed Order - we are not a 'secret' one and are always willing to answer questions about CoS and the type (if not the manner) of our magical working.

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