Coven of the Scales  offers tuition in traditional British Old Craft and the Egyptian Mystery Tradition as well as details of the latest titles in esoteric publishing, and a helpline for those in difficulties.  

CoS remains true to the disciplines taught by Bob and Meriem Clay-Egerton and continues to uphold those Old Craft beliefs that have  stood the test of time.
"It should be understood that although Bob [Clay-Egerton] firmly held the philosophy and opinion that all faiths were One and all Paths led to the same Goal, he did not advocate what is now referred to as 'eclectic paganism'.  What he did teach was the desire for knowledge and experience, regardless of source.  Each new experience was, however, studied within the confines of that particular religion, path or tradition.  Each new discipline was kept completely separate from each other.  It was only when a student had a thorough understanding of the tenets of each discipline were they encouraged to formulate them into their own individual system."  Coven of the Scales: The collected writings of A R Clay-Egerton, compiled by Melusine Draco.
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